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“You can be ill and happy – by ENDOhope”


On the face of things I have a great deal to be upset about. Four years ago I was diagnosed with the incurable illness endometriosis. A disease so painful and life-altering that many older women with endometriosis call it the curse.

Despite what people may think about an illness many still believe to effect women one to five days a month during their period, I am in daily, agonising pain.

I struggled to understand what was wrong with me for most of my adult life. I seemed to be a walking heap of problems from the day I reached puberty. Aches and pains. Period pain that would make me pass out. Exhaustion while doing very little.

Many years later I am bogged down with all the clutter and ill-health that comes with a chronic illness. It plagues me every day, looming behind every thought. Illness is still the…

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  1. TheEndoDiaries says:

    It is a hard disease to deal with at the best of times. But I agree, you CAN get to a point where you can be happy – or, at the very least, be content with your endo. I have got to the point now where I am just letting it empower me, there is no point always being down about it hey!

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