A fantastic article I wanted to share

‘Every part of my body hurt’

After years of pain and fatigue, novelist Hilary Mantel was diagnosed with endometriosis, a disease so little understood, she was offered psychiatric treatment.

Please read her incredible article here. Her story mirrors my own so much it is scarey!


Here are a few bits from the article that really hit home for me.

When I was 27 – a skinny, grey-faced scrap, bleeding continuously and hardly able to stand upright – my disease was named. But it was named on the operating table, and to make me viable

Endometriosis is a condition that is under-researched and poorly understood.

Subsequent drug treatment expanded me to twice my previous size; I went to live in a body I didn’t recognise. Fatigue and intermittent pain are still my companions. My soul rattles around in its capacious house, and dwells on the life I might have had if, aged 11, I’d thrown down my wallpaper scraper and yelled, “I won’t put up with this!”

Endometriosis is unpredictable, capricious, tenacious, a destroyer of careers, families and relationships, and it is worth more money and research effort – not only for what we would learn about the disease itself, but for the light that would be shed on infertility, immunology, and the connection between illness and psychological states.

What seems crucial is for the sufferer to become informed and active in her own treatment. No one will like me for saying this, but I’ve often noticed that it doesn’t seem to matter whether a woman goes in for yoga or reiki or dancing on hot coals at the full moon – she starts to get better when she starts to take charge.

Meanwhile it is urgent that doctors, nurses, teachers know about endometriosis and act on their knowledge, to spare young women years of pain, loss and emotional damage.


3 thoughts on “A fantastic article I wanted to share

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