A brave Endo sister, auctioning a wonderful piece created by Karen Hellion. x

Nicole Higgins DeSmet

It’s the anniversary of the demise of my uterus and left ovary. No more will I bleed without end. I hung onto my organs hoping yoga or pilates or walking or enough kale could make them better able to produce something besides endometriosis and tumors and blood and pain, but a choice had to be made. I chose my health over the diminishing possibility that I would ever be able to conceive.

So now I’m the first completely gray member of my cohort. And the runways this year are all about gray, so I’ve arrived.

I’m trying to put away the past and the exhaustion and the despair, well, at least the first two if nothing else. I need to make room for a new and different future.

And so I’m letting go of all kinds of things, including art.

So, on this, my hysterverary, I am auctioning off my…

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