Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson

I haven’t had surgery since Christmas 2011 for Endometriosis, and I have been purposely avoiding any further surgery by trying all the treatments under the sun. After that op I had some improvements but these gradually worsened over the past 4 and a bit years.

Yesterday I had my third surgery and I learned to trust myself. Despite going to my previous consultant for help, sometimes in tears, sometimes with my partner. The consultant believed the pain I was experiencing was merely the mirena coil settling. He was not keen to operate and to be honest I wasn’t keen either. This was drummed into me so much, and I had a lot of trust for this consultant that I started to see myself as a false case, no longer with endometriosis but for some reason experiencing severe pain, bowel issues, painful intercourse, fatigue etc because of the mirena?

The consultant who performed my operation yesterday was keen to operate and certain they would find something. I nervously agreed and felt full of fear for months up to the surgery – am I wasting their time? Am I attention seeking? Will this operation be a massive waste? It wasn’t. I woke yesterday from the op and after trying to read my notes on the bed (a very poor attempt due to the anaesthetic – with limited focus or energy!) I asked if endometriosis was found. It was! And what was found looked minimal at first but there was actually a recto-vaginal nodule hidden away. Potentially one was also found by the urethra, that rings a bell but this is from my post-op talk with limited memory.

It’s weird coming away from an operation smiling, but I am just so thankful that I was listened to, supported and treated. I have my confidence back now knowing I wasn’t wrong – I was feeling those symptoms progress for a reason and now it’s being managed!

Apologies if this is a ramble, this is less than 24hrs post op but I felt I needed to get out how I was feeling! If you feel symptoms are progressing and you aren’t getting believed/taken seriously definitely get a second opinion. Your pain is real, and important.


Endo-sister love




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