Free PDF eBook – Living with Endometriosis by OhhhKaye

My Story

I was diagnosed with endometriosis years 9 ago following a 15 year wait of trying to find help whilst managing my cycle.

As a young woman it was almost an embarrassment to admit how awful the symptoms were and I went to extreme lengths to disguise it from everyone I loved. It affected me physically, socially and emotionally.

Now, I have a defiant attitude to living with this condition, its chronic pain and emotional stress; I will continue to be as strong as I can and not let endometriosis define me. I’m learning to accept the diagnosis and finding ways to support others and as well as myself.


Hence this FREE EBook!

I have learnt a lot living with this condition over the years. I have also had the joy of meeting, talking and working with so many other #EndoSisters who have found ways to manage their pain as well as doctors, nurses and health practitioners from all over the world.

So here are few hints, tips and ideas for #LivingWithEndo that can all be done at home.

I hope they help.

Love from


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